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Our company puts the customer first both when buying a new product and, above all, after the sale.

We provide attentive, precise and punctual assistance to meet any need and request.


All our products are covered by a 5 YEAR warranty on any manufacturing fault. Accidental damage or those caused by normal consumption are not covered by warranty.

The warranty expires in case of repairs not carried out by us.


How to send a damaged item?

Contact us and ask for a collect to your home. You just have to pack the item and specify on it the sender data and the following destination address:

"SCUBA ONE, via A. Costa 9, 73011 Alezio (LE)"

If warranty is applicable, shipping and repair costs are free of charge.

Please note: The items must be washed with fresh water and completely dry. We are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings sent with the item to be repaired.





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